Celebrate A Vegan, Eco And Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving With These Recipes & Crafts

By Inhabitots

Thanksgiving is all about gathering together with friends and family to enjoy good company and delicious food, all while being mindful of the sentiment behind the holiday: gratitude. To help your children understand the holiday spirit, create a family gratitude journal together. Or try one or all of these 6 simple, eco-friendly ways to decorate for Thanksgiving. Little ones will take pride in helping to set the table, so help them create green crafts to commemorate the feast. These DIY recycled thank you notes and place cards will add a special touch to the occasion. And here are plenty of ways to green your celebration at large. Read on after the jump for delicious Thanksgiving meal recipes from main and side dishes to desserts that your entire family will devour.

When it comes time to get down to the business of cooking, we've got you covered. Your kids, and all of your Thanksgiving dinner guests will be wowed at these savory and sweet dishes. Click the links to view the recipe tutorials for: vegan, veggie-filled cassoulet, vegan, gluten-free cornbread stuffing, purple mashed potatoes, sauteed apples, oven roasted carrots and parsnips, and rainbow salad.  On to dessert: organic miniature apple pies, sneaky vegan chocolate pumpkin pudding, sweet and tangy vegan cranberry mousse, no-bake, bite-size pumpkin balls, organic pear and cranberry sauce, organic apple pie with butter crust, and cranberry sauce with maple syrup. Bon appetit!

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