DIY Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes for Kids


Halloween is mere days away, and we have plenty of ideas for how to create an eco-friendly, wow-worthy costume for your kiddos. Make one or several of these 9 DIY Halloween masks with your kids -- and they'll provide plenty of dress-up fun long after Halloween has come and gone. See our tutorial on how to make a recycled owl mask and simply add some coordinating clothing you already have on hand to make a costume that's a real hoot. Dig those old cardboard boxes out of storage and get busy making one of these incredible cardboard costumes that think way outside the box. Sarah's Silks offers amazing play silks and costumes that will inspire endless dress-up play via their versatility. Does your little one want to be a superhero for Halloween? Don't miss our tutorial on how to make a superhero cape in six minutes! Hop to it and learn how to make an easy and adorable friendly frog costume if your child wants to be clad as the lovable amphibian. Or hit the thrift store and put together this pirate costume that's also a treasure. Happy dress-up fun!


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