Fresh, Green Ways to Celebrate Halloween With Your Kids


The Halloween season is upon us, and the 31st will be here in no time! Get into the spirit by making 10 eco-friendly Halloween crafts that are full of playful delight instead of fright, so even the littlest monsters won't be spooked. Then whip up one or more of these 9 DIY Halloween masks, which will last long after Halloween to be enjoyed for many make believe dress-up adventures. Serve up some festive and frightful cleverly prepared fruit as a fresh alternative to sugar-laden Halloween treats. Learn how to find the best organic pumpkin and why going pesticide-free with this year's gourd is better for your family and the planet. Once you've picked your perfect pumpkin, here are 5 unique ways to decorate it -- no carving necessary ! Snatch up these ice cube trays shaped as ghosts and kids will be delightfully aghast at the icy apparitions in their drinks. Does the thought of handing out conventional, chemical-laden candy make you want to scream? Check out our helpful guides: 6 eco-friendly Halloween treats that cost under 50 cents each , 6 eco-friendly Halloween treats that cost under 20 cents each and 6 eco-friendly non-edible treats for kids that are all under $1 each !

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