Green New Year's Resolutions for Families

By Inhabitots

Happy New Year! As you kick off 2014, why not turn over a new, greener leaf, combining your resolutions and goals for the new year with leading a more eco conscious lifestyle? We offer 6 super easy green New Year's resolutions that everyone in your family can seamlessly incorporate into their daily lives. These 6 green family resolutions are a bit more challenging, but they are still totally doable, and a huge bonus is that by doing them, you're helping to save the earth. One bold step you can take to better the planet and save loads of cash is to stop using paper towels. You may think this is an impossible undertaking, but after reading our posts on ditching paper towels, you'll no doubt be confident about the endeavor. First, read our report on why your family should quit using paper towels immediately. Once you know why you should say goodbye to paper towels , read our guide on how to stop using paper towels forever. You'll be in need of an eco alternative to paper towels, so don't miss our review of SKOY biodegradable, reusable cloths, which we think you'll like as much as we do. This fresh start is also a great opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. Here we offer 7 healthy family New Year's resolutions that will help get your brood into better shape. Our guide to sticking to your New Year's fitness resolutions with your kids is full of tips on how to incorporate your little ones into your exercise regimen, so there's no excuse to skip working out!