Hand Print Tree Skirt

By wefrogy, JustMommies member

Eight years ago I started a tradition with my children to create a keepsake that we could enjoy for years and years to come.  
It all started with a large round table cloth and craft paint.  At the time (Christmas 2002) my son was 4 years old and I was pregnant with my daughter.  I took some green craft paint and spread it around on a paper plate and had my son press his hand in it and then press his hand onto the table cloth along the outer edge.  I then wrote his name, age and the year above his hand print with black fabric paint that had a fine applicator tip.  The following Christmas I had him add his hand print again along with my daughter who was 8 ½ months old.   I use the table cloth as a tree skirt by placing the Christmas tree on top of it.   Every Christmas both of my children add their hand prints and I write their ages and the year.  Their hand prints now go half way around the  tree skirt.  
This is something that we all enjoy and look forward to each Christmas.  I plan to continue until my children are adults and then have their children add their hand prints each year to carry the tradition on.

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By Kaylala on 08/11/11 at 4:53 pm

Awe what A good idea :)

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