Ladybug Cake Valentine Style

By JustMommies staff

This ladybug cake is a sweet way to celebrate Valentine's day, but you can alter this cake to make the perfect ladybug cake for birthdays or other celebrations.

To make this Valentine’s ladybug cake you need two boxes of cake mix, a round baking pan, a heart shape cupcake mold, licorice, pink frosting, and red gel decorating frosting.

Bake two round shape cakes to create the layered body of the ladybug. Then make a third round shaped cake to use to create the ladybugs head. Bake the heart shaped cupcakes to create the heart antennas.

To create the cake place the bottom layer of the cake that forms the body on a tray. Cover it with chocolate frosting. Then on the second layer of the cake cut out a triangle wedge. This will create the wings of the ladybug. Frost the top layer of the cake with pink frosting.

Draw hearts with the red gel frosting onto the body of the ladybug. Then place the body of the ladybug in the fridge. This will keep the hearts from dripping and losing their shape. To create the head for the lady bug, cut two round circles out of the third round layer cake. Frost and stack them.

To create the heart shaped antenna take two heart shaped cupcakes and frost them. You may have to cut part of the tops of the cupcakes to make them the same height as the cake. Use the red gel to draw the heart shape around the edge of the cupcake. This will help define the shape of the heart. Place the cupcakes in the fridge.

Right before the Valentine’s party, take everything out of the fridge and shape them using the licorice to create this easy Valentine ladybug cake!

Tip: If you want this cake to be pink use pink food coloring. Because this cake uses chocolate frosting a strawberry cake mix doesn’t taste the best with this cake.