Robot Costume

 Supplies needed for robot:

  • venting for dryers(8 ft)
  • pair of silver sweats
  • 2 shoe boxes-big enough to cover
  • shoes
  • silver spray paint
  • box big enough to cover head
  • silver duct tape
  • scissors

How to make robot costume

1- Spray paint the shoe boxes.let dry.

2- Cut a eye hole slot in the big box.Tape the box with duct tape.

3- Cut the venting to fit the arms and legs.First stretch it out then measure.

4- Put on the shirt,put arms through the venting cut for the arms.if it is loose use duct tape to secure.

5- Put on the pants,now put the leg cut venting on.You may have to cut it down the back to wrap around the leg.Then duct tapt it so it will stay on.

6-Take the shoe boxes (toss the lids) cut a hole in one end big enough that it will go over the ankle.Wrap a piece of tape around the box and bottom of shoe to keep on.

About the author: Michelle Waite is a wife and mom of two boys. She enjoys making crafts and has written many crafting articles online.

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