Rose Petal Valentine Cupcakes

Looking for a girly Valentine cupcake idea? Try these pretty but edible rose petal Valentine cupcakes!

To make these Valentine cupcakes you need a box of strawberry cake mix, pink frosting, red decorative gel frosting, fruit roll ups, and a heart shaped cupcake pan.  You could make the cupcakes in a traditional cupcake pan as well.

Bake the cupcakes and set aside to cool.  Frost the cupcakes with pink frosting and red trim and set aside.

To make the rose in the center of the cupcake you will need fruit roll ups and a little patience.  Cut the roll up in half.  Then cut each half into four equal strips.  To form the center roll one strip together.  Try to keep it loose, but not too loose.

Then take the strips and loosely wrap each strip around your finger to form a loop.  Carefully squeeze the loop together with the center of the rose.  Add additional loops around the center until your rose starts to take form. 

This is actually easier than it looks but might be a little challenging for little kids to help with.  If you want to involve your kids in this fun project they can help cut the strips, add the rose to the cupcakes, and add the red gel frosting trim to the cupcakes.

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