Valentine Jello Jigglers

Jello jigglers add fun to any party. Making them is super easy and your kids will love to eat them up!

How to make jello jigglers:

To make these easy jello jigglers, you will need 3 packages of flavored jello gelatin, 4 packages of unflavored gelatin, and 4 cups of boiling water.

Boil the water in a pot.  Add the flavored jello and unflavored gelatin slowly to the water.  Stir until everything is dissolved.   Then pour into lightly greased mold or baking dish.

Place in refrigerator until jello sets up.

You can either prepare these in heart shaped molds or you can use cookie cutters to cut the shapes out.  If you use a mold you will want to use a butter knife to gently cut around the edges of the mold before you pop the jigglers out.

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