Valentine's Day Cards, Recipes, Gifts, Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas and More!

By Inhabitots

Valentine's Day has nearly arrived! If you'd like to make something sweet and unique yet simple for the loves of your life, we've got you covered! Kids and adults alike will love biting into these refreshing chocolate-dipped mint leaves . This perfectly pink raw vegan berry pudding (pictured above) is delicious, has a festive hue, and can even be eaten for breakfast to start off a day of celebrating love first thing in the morning. If you are short on time and need a decadent last minute indulgence, look no further than this organic, vegan fudge, which you can make in 10 minutes! Want to skip edible treats this year? Kids will love any of these 7 non-edible eco Valentine gifts. Your tiniest love bug will look adorable in gDiapers' Love Me gpants and gTees, which are the perfect attire for Valentine's Day and year-round -- and a portion of their proceeds benefit Hands to Hearts International. Scrambling to get your child's school Valentine cards made in time to hand out on the 14th? We've got 7 DIY Valentines that are easy to make in bulk for your little cupid's classmates . Are you wondering how to celebrate Valentine's Day if you have a newborn, or you have older children but no babysitter? Read our guide to having a romantic and fun stay-at-home date night with your partner . Still trying to figure out a thoughtful gift for the mother of your children? We do away with the guesswork by telling you what moms really want for Valentine's Day.

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