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Not new but new username

I havent been here for a few years. coming back because i need some advice on Ovulation test strips....

Siggies R Us

New siggy please? :)

Hello! May I request a new siggy please? Info: Ashley Mom to: Olivia (May 2011) Chloe (Septemb...

Moms of Boys

well ....

we just found out the gender of our fourth baby. you remember I have two older sons, Kale is 5 and K...

Autoimmune Diseases and Disorders

Meds during pregnancy

I'm a science writer. (My work has appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Slate, and elsewh...

Natural Family Planning and FAM

avoiding pregnancy with nfp

What tips do you have? I was advised by my doctor top not try for another baby for 2 years after our...

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Santa Cookie Plate

Leave Santa his special treats on a homemade Santa cookie plate. Quick and easy to make with a few sheets of colored foam paper, scissors, and craft glue. Makes a perfect holiday gift. » Read more

Do-It-Yourself Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

When you really care enough to send the very best, nothing says it better than a homemade Valentine’s Day card, especially when it comes from a child. Parents, grandparents (most of all!), friends and family will delight in these do-it-yourself card ideas – and you don’t have to be super crafty to help your kids create superb one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day cards! » Read more

Butterfly Candle Holders

by Rachel Paxton Butterfly candle holders are easy to make and a great gift idea. The materials are very inexpensive, and you can use your imagination for a variety of designs. To get started, you will need: Materials: » Read more

Valentine Ice Cream Sandwich

These Valentine treats are sure to please. Make them ahead of time or let your guests be in charge of creating their very own sugary treat! To make these Valentine ice cream sandwiches you need sugar cookies, sprinkles to decorate the cookies, and your favorite flavor of ice cream. » Read more

Valentine Jello Jigglers

Jello jigglers add fun to any party. Making them is super easy and your kids will love to eat them up! » Read more

Valentine Fruit Garnish Ideas

So you are planning your child's Valentine's Day party and looking for some fun, easy, and inexpensive ideas? Why not try sprucing up your party with some fruit. To make these easy garnishes, you can use any fruit that would be easy to cut. Any type of melon would be good for this project. Other fruits you could use for this would be a large grapefruit, kiwi, lemon or lime. » Read more

Valentine PB and Js

Having a Valentine's Day party and want to have something available for picky eaters? Try these easy to make kid pleasers, Valentine PB and Js. To make these Valentine PB and Js you need bread dough, pink food coloring, and a heart shaped cookie cutter. » Read more

Valentine Appetizer - Pitas and Hummus

This Valentine appetizer is not just cute it's healthy too! Your kids will enjoy helping with this Valentine party appetizer. » Read more

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolates, flowers and lacy lingerie come easily to mind – but those are for women, not men (although lacy lingerie is certainly a treat for him as well!). For the special guy in your life, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift, so here are some suggestions that will show how much you care. Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him – Child’s Play Get in touch with your big guy’s inner child by hunting down his fave toy from when he was a kid. » Read more

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s easy to come up with a Valentine’s Day gift for a woman – if you’re just looking at the basics, that is. Of course women love flowers and perfume and lingerie and chocolates (these days, though, most women are health- and weight-conscious – especially if you’ve just given her sexy lace undies! » Read more