Daily Housekeeping Habits

The daily habits are the things you just have to do every day. We've tried to keep them as simple as possible. The trick is consistency. If you are first starting out, give yourself time to form these habits. Do the best you can and get as much done as you can. Before you know it you will have established new habits and routines and be on your way to the organized life you desire.

Daily Habits

Morning Tasks:

1. Make your bed.
2. Wipe down bathroom.
3. Set out something for dinner.

Starting off the morning right is essential to having a clean and organized home. If you can get these three things done bright and early you are off to a great day.

1. Make your bed! It only takes a couple minutes to do and you'll feel so much better. If you have children, start working with them now on this habit. Even young children are capable of spreading a blanket neatly on their bed.

2. Wipe down the bathroom. After your morning shower, do a quick wipe down of your bathroom. If you use your towel to wipe the tub and shower it will stay cleaner longer. Grab a bottle of glass cleaner and paper towels and you should be able to wipe down the sink, counters, mirror, and toilet in a flash. Make a quick swish of the toilet bowl and your done.

3. Set out something for dinner. If you've been following our weekly tasks you should have a list of meals for the week to choose from. If you're new to the system or just getting started, just do your best and set something out for dinner.

Midday Tasks:

1. Make sure your weekly or monthly tasks are done.
2. Afternoon tidy

1. Now is the time to look at the section in green for the weekly and monthly tasks. We find it is easiest to do these midday, but if it is easier to do these in the morning or later in the day that is fine. The important thing is that they get done.

2. What on earth is an afternoon tidy? Afternoon tidy is the time at the end of the day when the kids are home from school or right before dinner when you'll want to do a once over of the house and tidy up the main living areas. Make sure toys are put away, dishes are washed, and counters are cleared and clean. Sweep up the floors if necessary and any other tidying that needs to be done. Afternoon tidy time is not meant for decluttering or deep cleaning. It is meant to clean up the surface areas and make the house presentable. This is a good time to have your kids chip in and get their rooms clean and any other chores that you have set for them to do.

Evening Tasks:

1. Kids bath, brush, and bed.
2. Make sure your kitchen is cleaned.

1. For a lot of moms this is an easy task and a habit already formed, but for others this may be a struggle for a consistent habit. In the evening, make sure your kids bathe, brush their teeth, and get to bed. Make sure they have any toys, books, games, clothing, or other kid clutter put away before they go to bed. Helping them establish good habits will make your life a whole lot easier.

2. Make sure your kitchen is cleaned! We cannot stress this enough! This is probably the biggest problem area we hear about. Get the dishes washed, the sink rinsed and wiped down, and the stove and counters clean before you go to bed.

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