Detoxify Your Home with these Green Spring Cleaning Tips and DIY Cleaner Recipes

By Inhabitots

If you're spring cleaning your home this season, we've got top tips on how to make the experience non-toxic and eco-friendly. After all, what good is a home cleanse if the result is a house laden in chemicals that you've had to inhale while you scrub? These 5 homemade cleaners are fresh from your kitchen pantry , so you can make the surprisingly potent yet natural products using ingredients you already have on hand. We also show you the best uses for each of your DIY cleaners to get you started. If you have a mold problem or suspect you might, read these facts about harmful household mold , and then get the recipes for non-toxic homemade mold cleaners to rid your home of mold . You want to be certain the cleaners you're using are all kid safe, so read our guide to making kid safe green cleaning supplies . Reduce your environmental impact while you're at it and ditch the disposable paper towels you use to clean, swapping them out for biodegradable and reusable Skoy cloths . If you're not up for making your own cleaners and you'll be buying cleaning supplies, be sure to check out this guide to healthy cleaning and the top safe cleaners for your home . We also show you how to spring clean your house when you can't trust most cleaning products on the market .