For Moms: Best Apps for Staying Organized!

We moms are busy! No matter what might be on your plate, keeping everything organized can feel like a job in itself. Fortunately, there are many apps and websites out there that can help you manage the appointments, assignments, due dates, carpool details, activity schedules, chores, meals and recipes that you juggle, as well as all your contacts. Whether you are trying to get organized and even if the current system you use mostly works, but not quite, there is an app out there for you!

Check out this list of organizational tools available to help you keep everything organized:

Cozi Family Organizer
Free app and site, optional premium service
iPhone, Android, Blackberry

The name says it all-this app/site combo helps organize a family. With an email, every family member can log onto the family site and add their practice times, work hours, and view any "to do" lists. You can manage shopping lists and recipes, and sync them up with iCal calendars (including Google calendar-which means any public calendar for work or school can also be viewed). Cozi also features a journal-take notes, add pictures, capture the moment.


Free app and site, optional premium service
iPhone, Android, Windows phone

If you need help organizing your ideas and plans, the Evernote app will work for you. Your own notes, web clips, files, photos, even your own audio clips-save them all! Whether you are planning a trip, party, blog post or article idea, school fair booth, room redecoration, garden, appliance shopping, or simply making a grocery list-you can keep all of your ideas in topic folders, accessible to you from any device you use.


Free app, coins can be purchased or earned (coins are needed to start new Rings, but free coins are provided at signup to sample the service)
iPhone, Android

Are you drowning in contact lists? Do the piles of paper get to you, and you can never find the name and number you need? With all the class rosters, team rosters, scout rosters, committees and changing work teams, is it any wonder they are so hard to keep track of? With a quick picture of a paper list, Ringya creates a Ring list-you can call, text, or email individuals or the entire Ring list. Excel files can be imported as well. Never again will you be stuck in traffic while the list you need sits at home on your fridge door!

Low-priced app with synced website, optional premium service

More than simply a "to do" list, Toodledo lets you assign tasks and appointments due dates/times, folders, priorities, "optional" status, alarms, reminders, text details, and more. A separate "notes" area can be used for shopping lists or any kind of idea. Even with all the ways to sort and view your list, the best part of Toodledo is the "hotlist"-by using your information about due date and priority, your "hotlist" shows you what you need to get done or attend today, tomorrow, and onwards. Items can also be sorted by any information field, and by whether recently added, modified, or completed. The web-based version also has outline and list features, with templates available.

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