How to Avoid Toxins in Children's Clothing

By Inhabitots

Greenpeace recently released a disturbing report, " Little Monsters " which reveals that many major children's clothing and footwear brands are laden with toxins. As Greenpeace shines a light on the real "monsters" lurking in our little one's closets: their clothing, we certainly don't want to dress our kids in a wardrobe that contains harmful chemicals. Read about this eye-opening report in-depth on Inhabitots to learn about the companies, from Burberry and Disney to the Gap and American Apparel, that use toxic substances in their manufacturing. We also suggest many eco-friendly clothing companies you can turn to in order to safely dress your children inapparel that isn't detrimental to tiny wearers or the environment. Oeuf offers quirky, hip and adorable clothing for babies, boys and girls. We also dig SewnNatural's sweet selection of beautiful, handmade organic clothing . We've rounded up8 organic clothing brands we love for boys and 8 organic clothing brands we love for girls. If you find it difficult to track down organic clothing for older boys, you're not alone. Read our green rant: Why are there so few eco clothing options for boys ? to learn top tips on where to find sustainable styles for your son.

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