How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home for the Lazy Days of Summer

By Inhabitots

Summer is in full swing -- and it's time to unwind and have fun bonding with your children. We've got so many great ways toentertain kids on the home front and to enjoy the lazy days of summer. You'll have a blast trying one or all of these 30 homemade popsicle recipes that are a delicious way to cool off in hot temps. On particularly warm days, hunker down inside and build a DIY fort or play space! Got milk jugs? Set them aside to make these5 kid-friendly recycled milk jug projects. Make this organic sculpting clay together and then hand it over to your kiddos to fashion endless creations. If you need a bit of me time or your tot's toys are a bit played out, we show you 10 clever ways to entertain your toddler at home without toys . Learn how to grow a lemon tree from a lemon seed and then use the fruits of your labor to host a lemonade stand next summer! Light up the night with these DIY outdoor lanterns made out of recycled tin cans -- an easy DIY project older kids can do with parental supervision. Check out over 15 of our favorite craft and activity books that are filled with engaging ways to keep kids entertained all summer long .

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