Incredible & Inspiring Kids Who are Making the World a Better Place

By Inhabitots

Most days it seems we're bombarded with bad news -- so when we learn about inspiring kids who are doing all they can to make the world a better place , we love sharing their stories. Take for instance 9 year-old Ken who started Happy Animals Club, a no-kill animal shelter in the Philippines where he takes care of stray dogs and cats who would otherwise be euthanized. Mikaila Ulmer started her BeeSweet Lemonade business in an effort to help save the honey bees . Watch a video of the 9 year-old speaking about her endeavors here. Young Vivienne Harr also started her own lemonade company called Make a Stand Lemon-Aid, and she donates half of her profits to help end child slavery . 10 year-old Vanis Buckholz launched his own recycling business (initially toting recyclables in a trailer attached to the back of his bike!) and he donates 25% of his profits to homeless children . Maya Penn is a 13 year-old fashion designer who makes sustainable clothing for eco-conscious fashionistas . And don't miss our round-up of 9 inspiring kids who are doing incredible things to save the world . Put your own children on the path to helping others and preserving the planet by reading our guide to volunteering with your kids.