Inhabitots on JustMommies: The Best Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys for Sparking Imaginations

By Inhabitots

Buying toys crafted from sustainably sourced wood is one of the best ways to ensure your tot's playtime is nontoxic and green. In addition to opting for wooden designs, which are inherently free of the toxins typically found in plastics, (including BPA), choose wood toys that are colored with water-based paints or better yet, simply boast the hue nature gave them.

Get your tot's motor running with beautifully crafted, natural wooden toy cars and trucks from Little Sapling Toys and set his heart racing with a sweet, organic wood safari jeep from Smiling Tree Toys.

Building blocks are a playroom staple, enabling kids to build towers and miniature lands while promoting motor skills and creativity. Make playtime safe, serene and stylish by opting for one of these seven natural sets of wooden blocks.

Gween Toys offers an irresistible and personable cast of characters in their collection of colorful, wooden interactive toys. From a tiger with a love of spelling to an artistic zebra with a hidden secret, these heirloom quality toys may also double as lively nursery decor.

Teach tots to tell time with this exquisite wooden learning clock that is part puzzle, part teaching tool. Moveable hands and removable numbers help hone hand-eye coordination and develop memory skills.

Revisit the Jurassic era with these vibrantly hued rubberwood dinosaurs from I'm Toys, which feature poseable parts and information tags bearing facts about the extinct giants.

Kids can rock and roll with the ROCKaBIKE rocking toy, which will double their pleasure by converting the popular wooden pedal-free balance LIKEaBIKE into an adventurous rocker.

Hip, modern and modular wooden dollhouse, Stackhouse, lets kids change and rearrange rooms, balconies and roofs to create multiple dwellings from ancient castles to modern-day condos.

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By pattyandthemoos on 01/11/12 at 9:19 am

I love the dinosaur toys. They are so cute!

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