4 Guy-Approved Father's Day Ideas

By JustMommies staff

If you've been wondering what to get your husband or partner for Father's Day, it's not flowers or chocolates. Ask any man what he wants for the day of fathers, and he'll tell you something "manly." What does that mean? No, not a necktie. Not a barbecue grill or gear. OK, well maybe. But why go for the more traditional. Instead, try out one of the following guy-approved ideas. They are creative and will have you all making the most of the day together.

1. Shooting Stuff

Something primal in most men makes shooting things very attractive. If you're uncomfortable around real guns, buy some inexpensive air soft guns and pellets, or go paintballing—both of which, when you're taking appropriate safety measures, can be great family activities too. And yes, it's "Father's" Day, but that doesn't mean the entire day has to be spent with the kids in tow (gasp!). If you're comfortable around firearms, grab a bite to eat with the whole family, then drop the kids off with a babysitter and take your favorite man out to the shooting range. Even if neither of you normally keep guns around, a shooting range is fun for target practice, conversation and some time to feel like a cowboy.

2. Pole Sports

If your man loves fishing, don't buy him a new fishing pole or more tackle and then turn on the TV. Grab the poles and tackle and take the entire family on a day fishing trip to a local water hole or even a bridge. Pack a cooler with drinks and snacks and hang out, letting him teach the kids a thing or two. The same goes for dads who like to golf. Don't let the new club or balls collect dust. Head out to the golf course and have dad teach the family how to execute his favorite swing.

3. Paint the Town (Indoors)

Maybe your man isn't exactly a hunter-gatherer—that’s okay! Plenty of fun on Father's Day is available at a local museum, art exhibit, gallery, or even the library. Most local places in your city or town, or one nearby, provide activities and tours of homes, factories and businesses and other areas of interest. If you're lucky, you may even be able to find a local outdoor concert for the family to enjoy together. Cooking a meal together is another great way to let dad show off a little. If your man loves to cook, celebrate him on Father's Day by providing all the ingredients and having him teach the family one of his secret recipes, before sitting down together for a family meal.

4. Road Trip

So often dads are away at work while moms do all the running around, taking kids to their classes and participating in field trips. This Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to incorporate dad into a fun trip. Visit the zoo or find a working farm to travel to. Or, simply go for a long drive and make sure to stop, get out and enjoy the scenery. Then, end the day at a restaurant or with some ice cream and make lasting memories with dad at the helm.