Father's Day Gifts & Recipes for Dear Ol' Dad

By Inhabitots

Father's Day is this Sunday! Celebrate dad by making this totally unique DIY Father's Day photo book starring none other than pop himself! Does dad like keeping his kiddos close to his vest -- literally? We've rounded up the 6 best baby carriers and slings for babywearing dads -- or uncles, or grandpas! Speaking of wearing your babe, how adorable is thisbabywearing daddy doll that promotes father/child bonding and childcare as a family affair? Of course we all know the way to dad's heart is through his stomach, so be sure to make him a special feast featuring this mouth-watering vegan Philly 'cheesesteak' sandwich . Follow that up with this scrumptious homemade vegan nutella spread which dad can dip fruit or cookies into for dessert! Firing up the grill? Here are 10 vegan BBQ recipes that will please your whole family. Giving dad a pair of socks as a Father's Day gift may seem passé, but that's only because you haven't heard of Bombas socks, which are quite possibly the most well-designed socks on the market . Bombas also donates socks to the homeless and you can even pick up a matching pair for dad's mini-me since they come in kid-sizes too!

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