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By JustMommies staff

Are you just dying to have a smartphone? Three of our JustMommies’ bloggers were given an opportunity to try out a smartphone from Best Buy. Follow their posts to see what they think about their new phones.

Patty, aka pattyandthemoos,

will be telling you about the Motorola Cliq, an android phone by Motorola.

Heather (HeatherW)

will be checking out the popular iPhone.

And, Astrid

will tell you all the ins and outs of the Blackberry Curve.

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How can moms benefit from having a smartphone?

Did you know that women make up almost half of the smartphone market? Smartphones aren’t just for texting and socializing. Moms can use them for all kinds of things like keeping up with appointments, saving money on groceries, or even as a fertility tool! If you are lacking in technology know-how you may be wondering how difficult these phones are to figure out and what exactly you can do with them. Our bloggers will tell you how their phones have helped them to get more organized and stay connected.

Want to know what the best apps are for moms? There are literally hundreds of apps out there. Our mommy bloggers will be exploring the different apps for the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry phones. Then they will tell you all about the best apps they have found.

What about stay at home moms?

Think only working moms need a smartphone? Find out how our stay-at-home-mommy-bloggers use their phones. Want to know how smart and thrifty stay at home moms can squeeze a smartphone data plan into their monthly budget? See what our mommies have to say about how they benefit from having a smartphone and how they did it without breaking their budget. Watch them go from mobile-deprived mamas to moms with mobile mama mojo.

Would you like to upgrade your phone?

If you are thinking about upgrading your phone, you can follow our JM bloggers to find out about all the different features and options each phone has and learn more about these three phones. You can ask them questions or just follow along. Also be sure to check out Best Buy’s Upgrade Checker here to see if you are eligible for an upgrade.

Keep checking the blog for more updates from our bloggers as they tell you all about their new phones.