The Best Apps for Moms

Our JM mobile mamas have been using their smartphones for a little over a week now.  They have been downloading and trying out different apps for their phones.  Each blogger had her personal favorites, but there were a few apps that showed up on all of our bloggers’ lists.  What kind of apps are moms looking for?  Apps that help them keep track of things, get organized, socialize, and have fun.

Here are a few apps that our mom bloggers liked:

For getting organized our moms liked the calendar app.  This app comes with your phone.  You can keep track of appointments and you can sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook if you use it.  They also liked using to do list apps.  You can create your own daily to do lists and check items off as you get them done.  Great for keeping track of chores and other things you need to get done.

Our moms were interested in using their phones to keep track of their menstrual cycles.  JM’s bloggers liked the menstrual/ovulation calendar app.  You can use this app to keep track of your periods and to find out when your fertile days are.  You can even keep a bbt chart with this app.  You can use this as a fertility tool or just to keep track of your cycles.

Shopping list apps are another big hit with our bloggers.  With a shopping list app you can add items, quantities, and prices to your list.  Then check these items off as you shop.  The app totals everything for you.  This app was very popular with our moms.

All of our mom bloggers loved their Facebook app.  You can easily post and check for Facebook updates with this app.  It’s a great way for moms to network and socialize.

Some other apps our moms liked were game apps, weather apps, photo editing apps, restaurant apps, and mobile apps for different websites and services.  To see the complete list of our bloggers favorite apps check the links below.

Astrid’s favorite Blackberry apps

Heather’s favorite iPhone apps

Patty’s favorite Android apps

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By Amari on 06/30/10 at 4:37 am

Terrible article. Why didn't you give the names of any of these apps!

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