Mapping it Out: Cool Green Map Decor, Toys & Clothing for Little Explorers

By Inhabitots

Little ones can dabble in studies from meteorology to cartography with an array of clever map paraphernalia. The organic world map cushion above is a soft landing that doubles as a geography lesson before nap or bedtime. These paper dresses made from vintage maps are whimsical modern decor for the nursery or playroom. This interactive felt weather map includes eight personable weather elements that may be moved around to indicate the forecast. Sewn Natural's organic cotton flannel bib features the London tube underground map for babies who are going places. Petit Collage's jumbo wood panel is smart art -- depicting a world map complete with the animals that inhabit each continent. Kids can hold the whole world in their hands with this soft, felt geography learning set that comes with 7 continent pillows and a color-coded Montessori map. Turn your tiny sidekick into the sweetest source of directions possible by outfitting him in a Maptote onesie. He can help guide the way in the educational ensemble that features a silk-screened map of locales from New York to California.

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