Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Thinking of birthday party ideas for girls? Sometimes just two words will do: dress up! You can decide on a single theme like Princesses or Superheroes or gather up a big pile of glamorous goodies for the girls to choose from – let their imaginations run free, and the birthday party will pretty much take care of itself! These birthday party ideas for girls can incorporate some dress up and also “come as you are”, and a good time will be had by all.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – Birthday Tea Party

A great birthday party idea for girls of any age is a tea party. Your birthday tea party for girls can be as down-to-earth or elaborate as your setting and the girls’ ages allow. For younger girls, the birthday tea party can use plastic cups and utensils and you can serve healthy snacks, iced tea and lemonade. If your birthday tea party idea is for an older girl, make finger sandwiches and bring out the fine china cups and saucers … if you dare! To add some fun and flair to the birthday tea party atmosphere, buy some outrageous hats or even tiaras at garage sales and thrift shops for the girls to wear during the party. If you don’t have time to arrange the birthday tea party at home, find a local hotel or restaurant that serves afternoon tea – the expense might mean limiting the number of attendees, but if the outing is a success, you can turn your tea party birthday idea for girls into a delightful ritual for any special event!

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – Olympics

Use an Olympic theme for a fun-filled birthday party idea for girls. Remember to mention on the birthday party invitation that the girls should dress in comfortable athletic play clothes. You can design the games at the Olympic birthday party for girls for individual or team play, depending on how many girls will be there. If the Olympic birthday party for girls can be held outdoors, include relay and three-legged races. Inside, you can do simple gymnastics and also play standard party games. Serve birthday party cupcakes arranged and colored like the Olympic flag circles: blue, yellow, black, green and red. And create a medal ceremony with a small platform (or a chair placed in the middle of the room) – make the medals with different colored felt circles glued to cardboard with a ribbon threaded through, or buy foil-covered chocolate circles that can be glued to the ribbon. Get a CD or download of Olympic fanfare music that you can play during the awards ceremony for a memorable birthday party idea for girls.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – Madame President

Whatever you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, there’s no debating that women made political history in the recent presidential election – so why not plan a presidential party for your birthday girl? Guests can be greeted to the tune of “Hail to the Chief.” Bring this birthday party idea for girls to colorful life with red-white-and-blue decorations, and make a “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” banner on your home computer. Design a square birthday cake with white icing to look like the White House. If the kids are old enough, have a birthday party press conference where each girl answers a question about what she would do if she was president; have some questions written in advance about subjects like global warming and the environment, decorating the White House, even voting rights for children! When planning this birthday party idea for girls, prepare stamped envelopes addressed to the White House, so each girl can write a letter to the President – make sure each girl writes her return address so she’ll get an answer.

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By DeadSnowBunnie666 on 06/07/11 at 1:27 pm

my daughter is having a Rock-star Princess Artist party.. we're dressing up like princess and rock-stars... and using small canvas' the children are gon  ...

By FYDMaryEllen on 06/11/10 at 12:20 pm

I love tea parties...always have, always will. I have 5 girls, and 2 granddaughters already! I have done so many tea parties that I have lost track. We   ...

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