"Put a Bird on It!" Our Favorite Inhabitots Stories Inspired by Feathered Friends

By Inhabitots

We're in the full swing of spring; the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. So let's "put a bird on it," by highlighting our favorite stories inspired by feathered friends. Wouldn't it be blissful to curl up in the giant bird's nest bed pictured above, to take an afternoon nap with your flock? What a fun way to co-sleep, too! Learn how to lure more birds to your backyard, and then keep them frequently flying back by making this DIY bird feeder out of a milk carton. If you don't have a milk carton on hand, you can also use baskets as birdfeeders. LEGO design fans, this is no flight of fancy -- this amazing British Bird Series by Thomas Poulsom is the real deal. If you want to encourage your baby to reach for the sky, give her this sweet musical bird pull toy from Apple Park to dream of lofty adventures. Baby Jives Co.'s gorgeous handcrafted mobiles bring nature's beautiful birds indoors to hang around indefinitely. Cast an enchanting glow on baby's nursery via this serene bird house nightlight. Your fledglings can practice their counting skills with Chick-A-Dee's colorful sets that include a cute bird and her eggs. This organic bamboo knitted bird rattle set will have even the youngest babes making sweet music. If you've got a thing for owls (like we do), check out these 7 eco-friendly and adorable owl goodies for kids, from Etsy artisans.

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