Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial- Creating a Seamless Pattern

(Tutorial written for Photoshop 6.0 and higher)

Patterns can be made from just about anything. You can take a photo of any texture and transform it into a pattern to use in your work. For example, denim, knit, or sand, all make nice patterns. In this example, we are going to show you how to change a photo of a textured blanket into a pattern.

Open your photo and crop out the section you would like to use as your pattern

We have cropped out a 1 inch by 1 inch section. Make sure the resolution is set at 200 or better.

If you save your pattern now, it will not be seemless. Look at our example. See how you can see every tile in the background.

Use the Filter menu to make your pattern seamless


Select the Filter menu, then select offset.

Select the number of pixels to offset (horizontal and vertical)


Look at the size of your image. Our image was 200 by 200 pixels. To divide your image into four evenly spaced quadrants offset your pixels by exactly half of your width and height.
(You can change the offset by different amounts to change how your pattern looks)

Using the Clone tool

Use the clone tool to cover up the lines.

To use the clone tool. Click on the alt key on your keyboard and at the same time click on an area on your canvas. The clone stamp will use that area to create a stamp.

Then click on the line and it will cover up the line with the "stamped" area.


Using the clone stamp takes a little practice but it is great for covering up imperfections in photos.

Notice how we have covered up half of the area with the clone stamp.

Finished Seemless Pattern


After you have finished creating your pattern, define your pattern.

Here is the finished pattern. We used the offset of 50 pixels for horizontal and 50 pixels for vertical for this pattern.

Practice making seamless patterns of your own from different textures in your photos.

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Creating a Simple Pattern

(Tutorial written for Photoshop 6.0 and higher)

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