Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial- Creating a Simple Circle Pattern

By JustMommies staff

Patterns are one of the keys to creating digital scrapbook pages. You can download patterns online or you can create your own. Patterns are fun and easy. You can use photos, scan different textured items from around the house, or create your own with different colors and brushes.

Opening a new file


This is easy. Click on File >> Then New  

Choose the size of your file


Select white, background or transparent. If you select transparent you can always add a background color later.

Select the width and height of your file. You can choose inches or pixels. For print graphics it is sometimes easier to work with inches. We have used 1 inch by 1 inch for this example.

Select the resolution. For print graphics, the higher the resolution the better the quality (and the larger the file). A resolution of 200 is good for print graphics. A resolution of 72 is good for web graphics.

200 resolution is the same as 200 dpi (dots per inch)  

Background fill color/Foreground fill color

You can select your background color in advance by clicking on the background color box and selecting a color.

Or if you create a new file as a transparent file, you can use the fill tool to fill in your background.

Click on the Edit menu at the top. Then click on fill and select foreground color or background color.  

Using the Paintbrush Tool

To Use the Paintbrush tool. Click on the Paintbrush Icon in your toolbox. Select Paintbrush Tool

Select the Concentric Circles Paintbrush. Use a pale yellow, pale purple and pale pink circles to make your pattern or choose your own colors.     Once your pattern is designed you will want to turn it into a seamless pattern. Use the offset filter to make it seamless.  

After you have finished creating your pattern, define your pattern. (Tutorial written for Photoshop 6.0 and higher)