Solar-Powered Innovations that Help & Inspire Kids Around the World

By Inhabitots

We're always impressed by the innovative solar-powered designs that we come across, and since the summer sun's blazing rays are out in full force, we've got solar power on the brain. It's a frightening thought that this could be the future of the world... but these floating, solar-powered boat schools bring the classroom to children in flood prone Bangladesh . This ' Solar Suitcase' saves mothers and babies lives by providing a vital light source during childbirth in the developing world . How cool are these solar-powered Volta racers which teach kids about renewable energy while they play ? This 12 year-old is wise beyond her years... building an impressive tiny home that's outfitted with solar panels . Solar power is also bringing technology to developing countries as the sun fuels projectors to teach kids about biology, physics, math and more via multimedia. IKEA's solar-powered lamps give the gift of light to kids without electricity , and they make a quaint desk lamp too. Feast your eyes on this solar-powered transformer robot that gives Optimus Prime a run for his money !

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