Take a Dip! Healthy Dips That Kids and the Whole Family Will Devour!

By Inhabitots

Kids love dips ! Dips offer a great way for children to eat foods they'd otherwise push across the table (you can sneak some veggies into a puréed dip)! And little ones are more likely to down veggies covered in a dip they adore. Dips also make easy, quick appetizers for impromptu playdates and unexpected dinner guests. These six sweet and savory dips and spreads will spice up your family's meals . Tis the season for pumpkins, and you'll lose your gourd over this delicious sweet and spicy pumpkin hummus. If your kiddos love hummus, shake things up a bit by making this bright pink hummus that's dyed with raw beetroot, or this sumptuous peanut butter hummus that packs on the protein. For little ones with a more sophisticated palate, put a fresh spin on the tried and true dip with thisraw, sprouted lentil hummus. Your kids will devour this 5-minute carrot and avocado dip, so it's a good thing you can make another batch so quickly! For a healthy snack or appetizer, learn how to make vegan artichoke bites with a balsamic mayo dip !