The Many Ways Mother Nature Benefits Kids

By Inhabitots

Nature is the ultimate playground for children , offering an endless amount of perks in the physical, psychological and emotional realms. Research has proven that playgrounds with natural elements offer more benefits for children than traditional parks . Check out this newly opened nature park made from trees salvaged from storms in Brooklyn's Prospect Park . Did you know that the simple yet profound act of playing in the grass may be the key to easing ADHD symptoms ? While the majority of schools get a failing grade for environmental education , some schools are realizing the vital impact nature has on children; and a growing number of educational establishments are swapping out blacktop for natural settings to immerse children in living environments during recess . Not sure where to begin when it comes to the great outdoors? Read our guides on how to have a nature adventure with your baby or toddler , and how to explore and appreciate nature with toddlers. Additionally, don't miss the new documentary, Project Wild Thing , which one dad filmed in an effort to get kids back into nature for playtime and away from screens and technology .

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