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May 2nd, 2008, 02:13 PM
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Another quick question, anyone have a home birth with GBS? I was positive with DD and endured the antibiotics in my labor. I HATED it. They burned the entire time they were going in and it was miserable considering I was in the most active phase of labor. I've done a little research on it so far, to know that it can colonize and then you'll test positive for it again. The OB I saw (nurse actually), for my first appointment said they would automatically give me antibiotics during labor because I was positive for it before. I 100% disgree with that, maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be better to just do the test again? I would rather avoid the antibiotics (and the thrush I got as a result of them) altogether if I can, rather than just assume and treat when it could be unnecessary. Do most midwives do the GBS test and if you test positive, what are you options?
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