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August 29th, 2008, 12:34 PM
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RIGHT NOW I am and on


I called my OB/Gyn today... I have not gotten SA slip from my Ob/gyn... they said it was a mixup and told me they'd send it today PROMISE! Few weeks ago they sent me wrong slip it was infertility referral. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I asked them if I can use Quest lab instead of LabCorp. They said sure. So They gave me few numbers... after 3rd attempt, I got a right ph numbers to Baltimore Quest lab.. I asked them how much SA would cost....
Want to guess how much?????????????


That is CHEAPER than the was like $167!!! pffffffffffft!

As soooooooooooooon as I get the SA lab slip, I'm going to get DH's butt to the lab and get it over with!!!!!

Man I've waited WEEKS for this.... I plan on testing next wed to see if I get or first before I get the SA done, KWIM? This is working out PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully we won't need to do the SA but if I get a , then I'm on the next step to get our miracle baby!!!!
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