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February 6th, 2006, 12:32 PM
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Hey Momie2006,
Thanks so much for having her take a look. Like I said, I'm just dying to know!! I completely agree about women hairstylists needing at least one daughter! It's our right! I can just see it now! Me and little "Fiona", in the washroom, me doing her hair for her first big date!! hehe!
Yes actually, the boobs have gotten ABSOLUTELY HUGE!! I was a small c-cup before, and now can't even fit into a D-cup! My sister got me this really sexy bra for x-mas that's a D-cup, and a week later, I was busting out of it. Now I'm stuck wearing these hidious ones from the maternity store that are stretchy. And sadly, I have found my first little stretch marks on my boobies!! Not on the tummy yet, thank god!
How nuts you're a hairstylist!! Well for sure if ever I go down to New Orleans, I'll pop in for cut, color and hilites. I soooo badly need it right now! But I am all the way out in Canada right now, so I can't say for sure when I'd be able to come down .
So do you have any names picked out for your little girl yet? I got my u/s at 20 weeks so for sure the genitals are there! I totally understand what you meant about "what if it's a boy!!" . I'm so nervous about having a boy because I know nothing about them! I've never even babysat a little boy! Always girls! And girls always love me because I'm a true girlie girl at heart! I always play along about boys having cooties, and I always do their hair and makeup, let them play dress up in my wardrobe...They're just toooooo much fun! But a boy! OMG! What would I do with a boy?! lol Play trucks? Play war? I mean, I have no idea how ! I know if it's a boy, I'll most definately learn, and I would never be disappointed or upset that it's a boy, but I would just be nervous.
Anyhoo, sorry about the long reply! Email me anytime! I'm always looking for more pregnant women to chit chat with and my mom would love love love some recipes!

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