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January 29th, 2009, 10:11 AM
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Back on track today. I did well the rest of yesterday and didn't let my breakfast sabotage my mindset. Didn't eat after 7:30, made sure to squeeze some fruit and veggies in and tried to get my water in. Decided to weigh myself this morning (as I haven't in 2 days) and after 3 full days on track I'm down 2.6lbs so I'm really happy with that. I can already feel it in my jeans that I'm not as bloated because I've had no pop or sugar (aside from my Timmy's episode) in 4 days. Sitting her eating my oat bran. Decided that today is my birthday and I'm going to STOP looking at my birthday as a negative (and all I haven't accomplished) and START being thankful for everything I have. My DH had flowers, a card and a CD sitting on the table when I came downstairs this morning. More importantly, he wished me a happy birthday before leaving today (he hasn't done that in over 5 years). I don't care about presents, I just want acknowledgement that it's a special day. He definitely won brownie points today. Thankfully my work forgot so there was no birthday cake here. I'm going to have enough trouble navigating dinner the next 4 days.

We're in Surrey, just outside of Vancouver. I filled up yesterday morning and gas was 96.2. My DH's aunt lives in Dawson Creek so we'll probably be headed up your way next summer.

This feels like a long day already.

Hope you're having a great OP day!
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