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February 3rd, 2009, 12:16 PM
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Thanks. I TOTALLY understand the thinking "well if I'm gonna get fat anyways". It's hard to get out of that mentality. My injectibles I did Gonal-F for 2 full weeks because I wasn't responding. I didn't have weight gain from the meds. I did gain about 5 lbs during the month but that was because I was on such a huge hormonal roller coaster that I was eating every comfort food in sight. I had a hard time dealing with the meds not working. We were all shocked as heck when they cancelled my cycle and told me to take the Ovidrel "just in case" and I O'ed anyways - my progesterone was 76. No BFP though. I find that yesterday and today I'm struggling more with feeling down about the whole TTC thing, weight, etc. and last night I found myself looking for sweet. Thankfully I budgeted for a treat last night. It's hard to deal with when there's people around you getting preggers without a second thought. It always seems like those you shouldn't have children can breed like rabbits and those that should struggle. Kind of a metaphor for life in general I guess.

I'm in the process of getting private speech therapy for my son - what a hassle. It's going to cost $100 per week (NO idea how I'm paying for that) and there's such a shortage of therapists. Thankfully will still have the publicly funded therapy until June, but he needs more than 1 day a week and once he starts Kindergarten we lose it all together.

This week is feeling very long already. I think I need to get out and go swimming or something this week - help break up the week and get a little exercise in to boot. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow since it's cheap night at the pool . . .

Back to work. Hope you have a great day. Try and focus on how far you've come, how awesome you've done and how healthy you're going to be when you see that BFP at the end of this month! Just think - next Christmas you'll have 2 children to shop for!
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