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February 26th, 2009, 01:26 PM
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I'm so sorry that I just disappeared. You've been so wonderfully supportive and I just stopped coming to the boards. I saw your posting about your IVF cycle. I just wanted to say don't lose hope just because there weren't enough eggs for IVF. On my injections cycle they cancelled it after 2 weeks of injections because I had no dominent follies. I took the Ovidrel just in case and lo and behold I did O - my 7 day progesterone wa 76 and even the Dr. was baffled. Keep your chin up and think positive. It only takes one sperm and one egg remember!

Good luck, Hun and keep me posted.

~~~ Candie ~~~

TTCMA Again (after a 4 year break of NTNP, 8 yrs total TTC'ing #2)
Cycle #1 - July/Aug 2013 - BFN
5mg Femara CD3 - 7, Trigger CD25, CD32 Prog. 26.1, 10/11 Day LP
Cycle #2 - Aug/Sep 2013 - a bust ... no "O" ... waiting for injectibles protocol

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