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June 23rd, 2009, 02:36 AM
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There are many women who 'believe' their opks like it's scientific fact - 'I have a postive test so I AM ovulating'. As this article outlines, no so! They'll bd for the next couple of days only and then become confused 20 days later when af is still a no show but no bfp either... Whoops, it seems you didn't O with your first positive opk and missed the second surge.

I think it's important to read your opks hand in hand with your natural signs of fertility (such as cm) and if you're NOT charting your basal body temperature (bbt) then you should continue bd'ing until your natural body signs tell you you're not fertile. Of course, it's best to chart your bbt in conjuntion with opks so that you can be given the heads up of O approaching by the opk and have it confirmed by your temps... then you can lay off the bd'ing and not worry about missing your egg. Or, y'know, actually bd just for fun in your luteal phase
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