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June 23rd, 2009, 01:45 AM
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A good article but it doesn't explain *why* you take your temperature each morning - many women do not realise that after ovulation, the progesterone released by the corpus luteum causes a rise in your bbt. If pregnancy doesn't occur the corpus luteum dies, temperature drops off towards the end of your luteal phase and af arrives. However, if your temps stay up for at least 18 days after the thermal shift which indicates ovulation there is every chance you are pregnant!

But most usefully, the thermal shift upwards after ovulation allows us to pinpoint ovulation quite accurately. If you find a pattern of always O'ing on the same day you could consider not having to buy and use opks and just follow the signs nature is giving you. More dollars in your purse and feeling empowered - charting has a lot of benefits!
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