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July 5th, 2009, 01:02 PM
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Hi girls.I also have a tipped uterus but have two beautiful childen.I have a loving husband who has always been open to try new things when we were trying to conceive.It took us about twelve months for our first and about four months for our second.I beleive our second bundle of joy came quicker because our new techniques.I found this method while online looking for help.As we all know,we "lucky" ones with a tipped uterus need deep penetration to get the sperm closer to the cervix.At first I wasn't sure how my hubby would react, but as it turned out he was more than willing to give it a try.First you ned to enlist the help of what we called "our little friend".We used a penis extension to push the sperm deep into the vagina each time he came.I also had to stay very horny throughout the love making,so we got ourselves a few adult movies that I could glance at while hubby did his thing.When your man comes he should be on top or in the doggy-style position.Whenever we used this technique I found myself wanting to drain him of every last bit of his sperm.You will be surprised how much fun you will have.Like I said earlier, twelve months for the first bundle, four months for our second."Our little friend" must have helped.Good luck.
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