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July 6th, 2009, 03:31 PM
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Who writes these articles about breastmilk not being best?

What I want to know which no one can seem to answer, is how little breastmilk can still be beneficial to your baby? so that women who have low milk supplies can still contribute to providing their babies with the benefits of breastmilk. Engineered formula, no matter how perfected will never transfer the antibiotic properties that breastmilk provides. How about asking this question as a comparison: Can you say that popping a vitamin c candy is better for you than eating an organic orange?

I have to wonder if the above article was written by a formula company. The statement, Should I take three twenty-minute pumping ‘breaks’ during my workday, or use formula and get home to my baby an hour earlier", doesnt makes sense? There isnt an employer out there that would keep you longer at work if you pump. You are protected by law to pump and not at the expense of your free time beyond your work hours.

I never had a good milk supply but I try my best to either breastfeed or pump to give my baby whatever I can and I supplement the rest. So you see I am not a purist but no matter how inconvenient, I try for the benefit of my baby.

There is real evidence on the relationship to breastfeeding your baby for at least 8 months and higher IQ scores. Check the Yale Medical Publications.

While there is a lot of press about how "breast is best", your pediatrician and hospitals give mixed messages by handing out formula samples left and right on your way out the door. And did anyone recently read about how a study sampled powdered formula across different brands and found traces of jet fuel in it?? interestingly, the study wont name the formula companys tested because apparently your baby can injest safe levels of jet fuel.

Be a critical reader on all info related to your baby's health.

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