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August 9th, 2009, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by confused_burris1982 View Post
okay so i had my period on my birthday june 28.. the first day of my cylce. my period is only three days.. which is normal for me. but i had sex on that following sunday. one week after i got my period. i already have 3 kids. so pregnancy symptoms usually happen pretty fast. so by that thrusday i was nausated and not hold down food.. i felt really bad. the following week my boobs hurts so bad. i week after that i start getting really bad headaches. the folowing week i started have bad pains. i had signs of a lil period it was light pink. then it picked up and then it was gone the next day. all the symptoms are still there but all the test i take are negative. could i be prengant or had a miscarriage.i dont know. searching for answers

hey im new here but i see ur birthday was june 28... well my birthday is always june 28!!!!!! i got a bday buddy. lol! well get back at me.. it sounds to me like ur pregnant. take a test! and i mite be pregnant. but i dont kno!
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