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September 3rd, 2009, 10:23 PM
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if anyone would help me and give me advice that would be great. you see, i had spotting for just one day(18 days after my period) then i had cramping and pelvic pain for about 5 days, i thought that it was my period, but then all of a sudden all the pain was gone and the spotting was gone too. it did not even last a day. then a week later, i get sore breasts, and movement in my lower abdomin, and very nausauted. i have never been pregnant before, so i am a little confused. i missed my period this month, but i have not taken a pregnancy test. i thought that i should wait until my next missed period so that i can be sure that i am pregnant. my periods are always normal(21-28 days). please help me if u can, and give me advice. thanks
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