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October 29th, 2009, 09:59 PM
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tmi warning- i got the 24 condoms (yesterday) only using them during af if dh bugs me enough.....i think its gross really.

look foward to dh coming home from i will be busy getting cleaning type of things done....

i got a nice letter from my sis in law(the mom of my 1 year old nephew) on facebook... i let her know that i am having a hard time right now....she said i should do what makes me happy...and do the things that Ive always dreamed of doing...because once i have kids....i will barely have any time...also when she and my bro in law first got preggo with my nephew well prior to that...she had just came to a place in her life that she was happy with life and happy with herself...and in a good place in her marriage then bam...she landed pregnant....well dh and I are not at that place yet...we have a lot of work to big step sis in law...said i need to be at my ideal weight for the sake of my future yeah right now might not be the time...but i am going to concentrate on other aspects of my life...but i can not find it in my heart to leave J.M.

when my life gets crazy busy then I will leave J.M. for awhile....but it really would take a miracle for any of that to happen...

til exited for Nov 2009 i cant wait to see my family at the end of Nov for Thanksgiving.
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