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October 30th, 2009, 02:23 PM
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DH is not too fond or liking my idea but i want to get two fish for pets with the easy to take care of, the fish is cheap and their food is cheap but they will live as long as possible......ive never had a pet before and this would be my starter pet(s) if he didnt want us to have two...then i would settle with one...but i just think every pet needs a friend.....and anyway..i want this for my 29th bday...and this will be great for me to get my mind off of wanting my only family Now...when God is pro bally telling me that I need to wait and be patient. the dates I am giving my dh is 11/11 or 12/9 so be on the look out on either of those dates for my update on is so what i want right now....

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Their ages in Sept!
Nephews Lorenzo,Charlie both 6
Nieces Tamara 2years old , Arielle 6 month old Lillian 1 mos!
my nephews will be Charlie 6 & Lorenzo 6
nieces Tamara 2, Arielle 7 months Lillian 2 mos

nephews Charlie 6, Lorenzo 6
niecesTamara 2, Arielle 8 months Lillian 3 mos

nephews Charlie 6, Lorenzo 6
nieces Tamara 2, Arielle 9 months, Lillian 4 mos
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to get things like fertilityblend (check!
*We currently take Geritol. Check!
*Conceive Plus by Sasmar Check!
Welcome Womb(check!)
progesterone supplements

ClearBlue Fertility monitor and fertility monitor test strips by ClearBlue.
I am considering to buy that.
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