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November 6th, 2009, 11:13 PM
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i missed my period on sunday nov 1st. my last period was oct 2, 2009. i have all the signs of pregnancy, except a positive pregnancy test. i took 3 before a missed period, one on the day of my period, and one 2 days after, all negative! im not understanding. my boobs hurt really bad, i have abdominal cramping, nausea(but no vomiting. my lower back is been in alot of pain and my head is always hurting. im not sure what to do because i feel pregnant. i asked a family member how she felt before she found out she was pregnant and she said" she felt like she was 6mo pregnant" already. im very bloated, ive gained some weight, and this time next week ill be 2 weeks late. any advice? anything sound familar. please help.
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