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November 30th, 2009, 01:52 PM
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I am pregnant and do not have experience yet with the breast feeding games, nor have I run across any impediment to my nursing my child myself when they are born. I do plan to nurse my kid. I think it is a wonderful, God-given provision for good nutrition and baby bonding, tightens the abs and uterus back up, helps to re-balance wacko hormones... There is undeniably a lot of good to be said for nursing.

However... Imagine yourself not only unable to nurse your own baby for whatever reason, but also 100 years ago when formula was non-existent! Mothers who are unable nurse -- how glad are you that you do NOT have to hand off your child to some wet nurse to feed and bond with every few hours, and that you DO have formula that allows you to prepare your baby's meal, hold them yourself, and see that trust in their little face that they know provision comes from Mommy? Mothers who can and do nurse -- how about supporting those women who do not have this luxury you have?

Here is another idea. Many hospitals, especially in the NICU, are happy to take pumped breast milk from mothers who have an ample supply to give to mothers who have delivered prematurely or their milk hasn't come in, for infants whose mothers have died, and for any number of other reasons an infant cannot receive breast milk from their natural mother. If you find you easily have more than your own child needs, don't throw it down the sink! There are lots of other mothers who would be grateful to be given breast milk so that they can feed their babies good stuff AND do it themselves from a bottle. My mother-in-law had a preemie second child, had her milk come in right away, and had waaay too much for her little girl to use. Since she produced colostrum for 5 months, she donated to a mother who couldn't nurse and whose baby was allergic to formula, and so helped save the life of another little girl.
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