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December 19th, 2009, 10:05 AM
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Ok this article sounds like it was written to defend the makers of pregnancy tests and the strength of their accuracy. It describes manic women checking the test, then double checking much later and even digging through the trash like a lunatic...I feel this is a slightly skewed vision of what is (for the most part) going on....there are always exceptions to anything.

In this case I feel like there is no chance that I am the only intelligent sane woman trying to become pregnant and regularly taking pregnancy tests. Women who are actually trying to get pregnant may in truth read the directions more than once and follow them religiously. As for all the crap about turning the stick in the light to try and see another line....gimme a break. Generally speaking (for sane people and easy to read tests) you know what the test you skew it in your mind afterwards is a separate conversation regarding psychology not pregnancy test accuracy!

As for me...the test was digital. I took three of them. I followed the directions with every detail. All three said in plain clear print "Pregnant" there was NO other word on the screen and I have actually been to a doctor recently and my vision is perfect however there is no baby in there! I'm not pregnant. This was what I thought was my first pregnancy in my thirty years. I was really excited and really distraught when I found out the test was wrong. So if this happens to you and some smart-*** person tells you that you are too ignorant to know how to read a pregnancy test...tell them to shove it! I know how you feel. You are not alone and next time things will be different. Don't give up

OH! more than one brand of test and take it when you first wake up in the morning when your HCG level is highest. My doctor told me my hormone levels were simply out of whack because I wanted so badly to become pregnant that my hormones caused a false positive. Well I guess that still makes it human error and not the tests inaccuracy......(lol)......the tests are infalible,yeah right!
Best wishes baby making everyone!
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