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March 31st, 2010, 03:23 PM
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I am a new mom whose baby came early. I am having a hard time producing breastmilk so I supplement. I get harrassed for that as well! I have people telling me I should be breastfeeding "exclusively" Never mind the fact that my baby would be malnourished if I did that. I am home on leave and I put my baby to the breast CONSTANTLY and guess magic rise in milk. Every woman's body is different.

If you think most women who don't breastfeed are "lazy" you are mistaken. Most women I know who do not actually CANNOT and yet people make them feel like pariahs. It drives me nuts when people act militant on this issue. As long as a child is fed well, cared for and loved who is to say which child will fare better in life.

I think it is important for women to remember the "facts" that any study shows tend to be correlations not causation. Think of it this way, I could connect ice cream consumption to drowning. Is it because ice cream causes people to drown? No. Its because more drownings occur in the summer and more ice cream is sold in the summer. My numbers would support my claim but it would not make it accurate. Please be careful when reading ANY article..this one or contrary ones as well. And please try to be supportive of mothers of all types and all choices. We should be supporting each other...not giving each other a complex.
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