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April 18th, 2010, 07:53 AM
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Hi Everyone,

At around 12 weeks, I was diagnosed with a SCH. Around 19 weeks, I went to a high risk pregnancy clinic, and they said the hematoma was thinning very well. From 12 weeks to 19 weeks, I had had a lot of brown "old" blood come out. I was told I could still go about my usual routine, just no heavy lifting, jumping and running around, etc. This past Wednesday, I woke up with horrible cramps, which were actually contractions. I went to my OB and she sent me to the hospital. They tried brethene to stop the contractions and sent me home. I was back in less than an hour, the brethene did nothing. The hospital sent me by ambulance to a medical clinic that specializes in high risk pregnancies. I was put on magnesium sulfate for about 48 hours. That really seemed to quiet my uterus, which was contracting to get all the blood out. Once they took me off the magnesium sulfate, I did fine on my own for several hours. April 17th, at about 1:00 in the morning, I woke up with bad contractions. They put me on pain medication so I wouldn't feel the contractions. They said they couldn't do anything else because it was so early in the pregnancy. It didn't feel early in the pregnancy to me. When you see and hear your baby's heartbeat, find out the sex, and feel him kick in you, you aren't early in the pregnancy anymore. I gave birth to a 20 week old baby yesterday morning. He lived for two hours on his own before he left us. I went through the contractions and the normal birthing process only to come home with a keepsake box of his footprints. This is so hard on me and my husband, and it makes me question if I can go through another pregnancy. I loved my little boy, and I wish this didn't have to happen to him. He was perfect - no birth defects, strong heartbeat, always over the weight he should be in the preganncy books I have read. He did nothing wrong. This SCH made me lose my baby.
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