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April 23rd, 2010, 08:19 PM
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Everyone trying to concieve- I feel your pain. In June 2010, we will have been married for 6 years and trying to concieve for 3 years. We were pregnant and lost the baby at 9 weeks on May 20, 2009; coming up on a year soon and that will be a hard day. So we have tried everything and I see a fertility specialist every month and have been on chlomid for 2 years (I cannot ovulate on my own). My husband saw a fertility specialist and found that he had a low sperm count due to vericose veins in his testicles, so he had surgery last year and things have improved. So it may not seem like I would know what I am talking about since I have been trying for so long, but I have been around the block a time or two, so maybe this will help someone.
-Get checked by a doctor- that was the way I found out that I couldn't ovulate by myself.
-Know your cycle- your first day of heavy flow is day 1 and most women ovulate between days 12 and 16.
-Have sex every other day, religiously!! Sperm can live up to 72 hours, but take over 2 months to mature, so don't have sex too often and not too infrequently. If a man doesn't ejaculate for 7 days, it can hurt his sperm count. If you have sex too often the sperm coming out are too immature to fertalize the egg. Every other day is the way to go!
-If you know you are ovulating, this trick is helpful. Get the product "instead". It will be by the tampons and maxi pads in the store, and is generally used "instead" of tampons or pads during your period. It is a small, rubber disk that is shaped like a shallow cup, which normally holds the blood in during your period, and doesn't let it leak out. You insert it vaginally, similar to a tampon. This product is helpful if trying to concieve because it can hold the sperm in and not let it out! My friend did this and got pregnant with TRIPLETS!!!! That may seem a little scarry but it works!
-After having sex, insert your "instead", prop your hips up on a pillow, and sleep that way. Let gravity go to work!
-Have sex in the missionary position (man on top) so gravity can do its job.
-If you are a vegetarian like I am (or just like eating soy foods, I guess) avoid soy products and tell your man to do the same. It has been shown to make conception difficult.
-And if you are religious like me: let God do his job. He will bring you the child you are supposed to have when you are supposed to have it. He may just not have found the perfect child that needs you yet! I know that is hard to hear, and especially for people that have wanted a baby for so long, like my husband and I, but sometimes God gives you your child in an unconventional way, which will turn out to be a huge blessing, even though it wasn't your plan. You know what they say... "Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans." So true... I was supposed to have one baby when I was 25 and one when I was 27, one boy and one girl, the girl first of course... HA- boy was I put back in my place! He really showed me that He is soverign and I had nothing to say about it! All I can pray for is that God gives me the child that needs me when he feels I am ready for that child.
Good luck to you all- I hope you all get your little blessings very soon! -Anna
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